Inicio de nuestra huerta

Our story begins back in 2014 at the Comuna 6 in Quibdo, Colombia; specifically, in the neighborhood of El Jardin/Zona Minera, La Victoria sector, where Jhon Neiver Borja Robledo, born in Quibdo Colombia, started the Global Entertainment Project. Jhon is a music producer and a lawyer from Universidad Tecnologica del Choco with a strong conviction for transforming adverse realities. He planted a seed of peace by using urban music in a project aimed to contribute to the decrease and transformation of frequent violent behaviors in the community, such as the involvement of young people in criminal and violent acts. Additionally, the project offered a space for entertainment and alternative use of free time for these young people who day after day strived to avoid being part of the conflict. These young people found the ideal means to express freely in the space created in the music recording and production studio, and they felt they could combat social inequality by participating in the project.

In 2015, the project gained more strength when multiple people joined the cause. Among them, Leydi Manuela Mosquera Palacios joined as the social manager of the project. Three years later, in 2018, motivated by the dream of decreasing the participation of young people from the community in criminal acts, Leydi proposes a major shift for the project. She wanted to legally establish the institution and grow its capacity by working on other topics besides music, such as artistic expressions, cultural demonstrations, and sports, with a vital focus on the promotion of life skills as a reality transformational tool so that any human being is able to face challenges of daily (private, professional and social) life and exceptional situations successfully. And so, the Foundation “Semillas de Oportunidades” (translated as Opportunity Seeds) was born as a materialization of its founder’s dream, Leydi, a young lady from the municipality of Unguia in Choco Colombia, who studied early childhood comprehensive care and is now a social communication’s student in the Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia. Leydi and her partner recognized the importance of teamwork, and so they convened a group of friends (Co-Founders) from all over Choco who shared a common dream and decided to join forces to work with the “Semillas de Oportunidades” Foundation, a non-profit organization whose main objective is to create opportunities to improve the quality of life of children and young people in high vulnerability zones through the promotion of life skills and the dissemination of culture, art, and sports.

The name of the foundation has its origins in the thoughtful comparison between the process of planting a seed and the blossoming of opportunities, in other words, the seeds are those opportunities we are willing to offer kids, young people, and teenagers, so that they can achieve a higher quality of life.

Seeds that the foundation plants and waters day after day, hoping that in the short, medium or long term they will become opportunities for the improvement of the community’s quality of life.