Foundation Semillas de Oportunidades

More than a non-profit organization, we are a space that allows children, teens and young people in highly vulnerable areas of Quibdó to sow the seeds of their dreams and grow them through arts and sports. This will enable them to develop useful skills and reap the benefits so they are capable of successfully facing the various challenges of their life.

What do we do?

With psychosocial support, we promote the development of skills in children, teens and young people through art and sports programs.


Because we believe that arts and sports can be a way to share knowledge. Through these children and young people can discover and share their feelings.

Our Beneficiaries

They are mainly children, young people and teenagers from afro-descendant, indigenous, and mestizo communities who live in highly vulnerable zones.

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Our projects

Sports School Semillas "Seeds"

With the football school "Seeds", the foundation seeks to promote the development of useful skills in children, teenagers and young people between 9 and 16 years old from the communities of Las Palmas, Nuevo Quibdo and La Paz. These neighborhoods are located on the route Quibdo-Pereira at 7,8 and 9 Km; these neighborhoods were settled by displaced people who were victims of violence and were forced to leave their places of origin.
Football has been our best ally by offering a space where our beneficiaries could learn to appreciate and take care of themselves, as well as to share with others. Using the sport, as a tool to transform our society, our children discover little by little that they can dare to dream and make their dreams come true, as much as anyone other. From 2018 we have been working with more than 80 children, young people and teenagers from the aforementioned communities in order to instill values and skills such as: the empathy, divers source of knowledge, asertive communication, among others.
In addition to providing the community with the means to develop two community lands as a recreational area

Music for peace

Urban music, is a real engine to transform realities, and is part of the program in the foundation. This is a way to attract young people between the ages of 12 and 22 from the neighbourhoods of Bello Monte, Zona Minera, Jasmin and Pueblo, in the commune 6 of Quibdó; young people with psychosocial problems, some with a history of drug addiction and delinquency. This program stems from the need to offer them a better use of free time, as well as protective spaces; so that they believe that they can accomplish anything they want in life. Since 2018, we have worked with more than 30 young people in the above-mentioned neighbourhoods. We have obtain products such as:
• Composition of 8 songs.
• Recording a music album.
• Shooting a music video with more than 2000 views on Youtube.
• Photographic booklet and description of the musical album.

Our impact

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Our social interest

Thanks to our social business, we can continue working for our children, teens and young people.


Calle 21a #6-02/ Zona Minera. 
Quibdó – Colombia

Office hours

08:00 AM – 6.00 PM
Monday – Saturday


Telefono: +57 320-705-1978