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Our city has been heavily affected by the measures our government had to adopt to reduce the spread of the virus among the population. In Quibdó, the reported unemployment rate reaches 19% and only 35% of the active population has a stable formal job, which means approximately ⅔ parts of the workforce have an informal job. The population has always lived from what they can earn on a daily basis and, unfortunately, home quarantine has prevented many of our families from going out to obtain the daily stipend required to cover their basic needs such as food, rent and services.

Help us to be part of the solution!

At Fundación Semillas de Oportunidades, we want to offer groceries to many families in our city during this season, in order to mitigate the side effects of social distancing/isolation. We invite you to grow a seed during this pandemy, by adopting one family for just € 50 (US $ 280,000 COP) per month. With this money, we will provide vital food to more than 230 girls, boys, adolescents and young people of African descent and indigenous people in one of Colombia’s most vulnerable and beautiful regions: the Pacific.

Recurring donations

Recurring donations provide ongoing support throughout the season and will be suspended as soon as this crisis ends (or when you prefer). Your monthly donation will be of great help! It only takes € 50 ($ 280,000 COP) to buy groceries for one family during one month. The more you donate, the more families will be benefited! To sign up for a recurring donation, select one of the options below.

One-time donation

A one-time donation is, of course, welcome. We appreciate any help you can provide to our families.

Other options to donate

Transferencia bancaria

Seeds of Opportunities Foundation - Savings Account


In the name of Jhon Neiver Borja Robledo - (Sub director of the Seeds of Opportunities Foundation)
(+57) 3113255815

To keep you updated on the progress of this campaign, follow us on our social media. In addition, all our sponsors will receive regular and personalized updates on our progress. Thank you for your support!